July 2014 I traveled around the world in 425 days. Where my JOURNEY to AUTHENTICITY BEGAN I started to look at my own reflections and facing my truth by asking the hard questions and going within to harness my intuition. I remember feeling like I was in a box and feeling the need to fit into this box based on how others viewed me. Realizing this was a paradigm shift in my world.  I decided to take a solo trip to Chiang Mai where I trained with the highly acclaimed Muay Thai fighters in Thailand. Though this I honed a mental strength which gave me the courage to sit in stillness in a Buddhist Monastery listening to the " voice in my head." Traveling allowed me to expand my knowledge and experience through self-development, which gave me ample time to reflect and question my existence and purpose. Through meditation, travel, connecting, compassion, and reading, I began to unfold the question WHO AM I. Towards the end of my journey I spent 6 weeks in Guatemala living in a tree house Meditating and developing my yoga practice. I felt liberated when I realized that the “voice in my head” is not who I am. Sitting in silence and asking me over and over again WHO AM I! I've been on a journey of self-discovery and believe that I can use the knowledge to help others connect to the most authentic version of themselves.


Join me for a complementary session lets connect and find  YOUR the most AUTHENTIC SELF  


         Time-  30min

         Price -complimentary 


1-on-1 complimentary session

learning more about each other so you can go forth with comfort and confidence.

As soon as we know that we’re a good match, we can get the ball rolling.



             Time-  80min *12

              Price - $1300

Get a personalized Audio Meditation Guide and an accountability partner to expedite your goal! Together, we can get to the root of what you truly want, manifesting it so you can live your best life.



              Time- 60min

               Price- $120

Ready to take control of your mind? Together, we can reveal the values, dreams, and aspirations

you truly want – shattering roadblocks and bringing your future into focus!

Coaching sessions online or in-person, depending on your preference. 


People often ask me how Life Coaching can benefit their lives. I tell them how it has influenced my own life, but emphasize that it impacts different people in different ways. Read what my satisfied clients thought about their own personal coaching transformation

Kajal offers emotional heart-to-heart approach and positive affirmations that I am enough :) I like hearing reassurance from her. self-empowering words and actions and compliments I liked how she allowed me to rant and talk my feelings out and set homework for me to do. I like that she's willing to offer so much support so i can feel safe to share. Kajal understands the deeper needs of a perfectionist mindset.

Lynda W


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