Neuroscience presents a powerful way to cultivate mindfulness through a deep-seated understanding of the brain and your existence in general. Together, we can explore your emotions and develop the tools and awareness you need to foster self-regulation through kindness and love. I work with students to increase growth mindsets – combatting poor self-esteem and fostering self-worth. By identifying our emotions and having the knowledge to label how you are feeling, we will gain the tools you need to find balance and create a more regulated child. If your child holds in their emotions, revealing a different side when you pick them up from school, this could mean that they are unable to verbalize and understand there own emotions. This course can and will change everything.


Meditation builds a strong core, capable of transforming one’s life. We use evidence-based strategies surrounding mindfulness and meditation, leveraging a range of exercises for all levels from beginner to advanced and everywhere in-between. Mindfulness and meditation can improve educators’ life and work balance for a happier existence. This course is the perfect fit for every educator’s lifestyle. Discover how to strengthen your emotional intelligence, boost your resilience, and live your life through peace, pride, and inner-power.


Discover how to live in the present moment, relax more, and overcome distractions and negative mindsets. No matter what you’re currently going through, mindfulness holds the power to change everything across all aspects of your family life. Learn how to solve problems better, retain and recall information with more confidence, and much more.



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